Monday, 22 July 2013

Home Health Care Services Give The Elderly a Reason To Live

Having an elderly person at home is a reason of happiness at times, and at times it becomes a bit hassling.

Same thing happened to us when my father’s younger brother met with an accident and he lost his conscience. His family too was not living here and all he had in the name of relation was our family.

We got to know about his condition and we brought him home.

We tried to leave him at home all alone, but it proved to be a very bad decision as he could not cope up with his situation and used to create a constant ruckus at home and in the neighborhood.

We were left with no other option and we contacted Max home nursing who are specialized in providing home health care services.

In this process they send a care giver to your home and they are given the total responsibility to take care of the ailing person and try to better his condition.

We were relieved that at least there was someone to take care of him. And after a few months, we saw signs of improvement in him and it was a very happy moment for us. Today he is amidst us, back with a bang!

Thank you Max home nursing for bringing back hope in our lives:)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Give Care To The Elderly And See Them Happy

When my ailing grandmother suffered from a heart attack, she became bedridden and required constant care and attention. Both my parents were working and I was in college.

Initially we used to take turns to take care of her. At times my mother used to take leave from her office and at other times my father came early from office, or I used to bunk college! But this could not go on for long, as we all were answerable at our respective places of work or study.

There were no signs of improvement from my grandmother's side. We had no clue what to do and how to take care of her. We all loved her very much and wanted her to recover soon enough, but one fact was this also that we could not sit at home for long.

So, my father decided to contact an agency who is specialized in providing home care for the elderly. They used to send a home care provider who will come and take care of the ailing person and give them all the support and care to recuperate fast.

Within six months our grandmother was as normal as us and she seemed so happy. Seeing her happy we were relived and we thanked Max home care nursing for providing such wonderful services.

Thursday, 4 July 2013


My friend met with an accident and he suffered some major injuries in it. He could not move for a good period of time. My friend told me that he needed some help in terms of rehabilitation.

I discussed it with a couple of friends and my friends recommended Max Hospital’s home physiotherapy services. My friend told me that home physiotherapy facilities provided by Max are great and extremely beneficial.

I was very happy to pass on the information to my friend who had suffered the injury. He agreed and we called Max to ask for the home physiotherapy option and they were more than happy to schedule appointments for us.

The time that we requested, we got that time slot. The staff at Max was really cooperative and really supportive. Thanks to Max, my friend felt better within weeks of getting the physiotherapy sessions.

It is the home care services which make the whole difference. These services are sort of really comfortable and understand that the patients need comfort and constant attention. The professional help and expertise provided by home physiotherapy is really amazing. The time slots are comfortable. The care and attention is very precise and very very compassionate. So, I recommend that everyone must go for home care when in need.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Home Nursing Care – Get Complete Care At Home

It's is true that old age brings along a number of obstacles to people that are difficult to overcome. Not only specific activities, but daily activities like walking, cleaning become so difficult for them to continue that they look for someone's help.

For those living with their family, it becomes not so difficult to find assistance as their family members can provide complete assistance to them. But for those who are alone, home nursing care emerges out as a feasible option. This term means seeking assistance form professionally trained nurses who are capable of providing complete assistance to old age people.

These caregivers provide reliable assistance and support with activities of daily living on shift basis. The various services they provide are bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, nutrition assistance, physical exercises, picking up prescriptions, appointment handling etc. these services are available on a 24/7 basis and preceded by thorough screening of all field staff and reference and background checks. Whether it is your old age or a serious illness that hampers you day-to-day life, home nursing care is the safest and reliable option to go for. The nurses provide skilled services that cannot be performed safely and effectively by nonprofessional personnel.