Thursday, 4 July 2013


My friend met with an accident and he suffered some major injuries in it. He could not move for a good period of time. My friend told me that he needed some help in terms of rehabilitation.

I discussed it with a couple of friends and my friends recommended Max Hospital’s home physiotherapy services. My friend told me that home physiotherapy facilities provided by Max are great and extremely beneficial.

I was very happy to pass on the information to my friend who had suffered the injury. He agreed and we called Max to ask for the home physiotherapy option and they were more than happy to schedule appointments for us.

The time that we requested, we got that time slot. The staff at Max was really cooperative and really supportive. Thanks to Max, my friend felt better within weeks of getting the physiotherapy sessions.

It is the home care services which make the whole difference. These services are sort of really comfortable and understand that the patients need comfort and constant attention. The professional help and expertise provided by home physiotherapy is really amazing. The time slots are comfortable. The care and attention is very precise and very very compassionate. So, I recommend that everyone must go for home care when in need.