Monday, 11 August 2014

Reasons You Should Consider Home Care For Your Ailing Father

Now that you have realized that your father needs an increased level of care, and that you might not be available for him round-the-clock, let’s talk about home care for the elderly.

You’ve an office to go, assignments to finish, and deadlines to meet; you better ask for help.

Home care for the elderly is an innovative and exciting way to provide 360 degree care to the elder people. A nurse visits the patient and ensures that he/she takes his/her medicines on time. Plus, a doctor also visits the patient regularly. Home care for the elderly also saves you from numerous visits to the doctor or hospital.

More importantly, you will not have to worry all the time for your mother when you are not around him. You will know that he is okay and is well taken care of.

Caring requires tons of efforts. With a medical person standing next to you, you will be able to connect to friends and attend social gatherings.

Make sure you speak to your father first for the home care for the elderly service. Convince him about the service and its numerous benefits. After all, he will be the recipient of the care; he should have a say in the whole process. Also make sure that you understand what you are getting in the package when you are talking to a nursing agency for home care.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Nursing Home And Its Importance

The point when you have to move to a nursing home, no one likes it. But what will you do when your father is reducing his weight considerably or when your mother is facing depression and even forgetfulness and forgets her necessary medicines. This is when a nursing home can truly come into the picture.

You may want to delay this new thing for days to come, but then when you got to do it then you got to do it. You can get a lot of support from your family members itself. A day care can help you with all the necessary things and will be there to take care of your loved one on a full time basis.

You will get a lot of help and support from your community. Even more than you think you will get. You need to help your father stay nourished or your mothers depression must also be treated in such a way that she again starts connecting with people.  On the other hand if the situation demands that a frail elderly woman who because of dementia is doing the rounds of the streets, then she needs full time care and attention.


You must get a complete assessment done to the physical and mental status of the person. A doctor who has the ideal training in this field must be contacted to get a better perspective. The most important thing which you must consider is the ability of your parents to be a part of all the tests and they must be willing to get all the tests done.

The physician will evaluate any signs of depression, anxiety, and even indications of Alzheimer’s will be considered. When all the issues are identified then you will know what a relief it would be to know what all things must be considered. When you know the problems then you can plan accordingly.

Add your own inputs

You must have some knowledge about the family members and they must be considered for the purpose of evaluation. They also might be concerned about the daily activities which they forget to do on a daily basis. An assessment will help you to gain a better understanding about the whole situation.

Seek help from community

Some people do not need a 24 hour help and they can remain without being there in the nursing home for some years. The agency which you visit will have a few services which will be arranged for the older people and even the doctors. You can take appointment from them and they will also help you to provide an assisted living care.

Hire a professional

In such cases it is always important to hire a professional who can take care of all the needs of the patients. A specialized care is very important where you can know that the patient will be safe under their care and will not face any problems whatsoever. Know the kind of home healthcare service you will be required to provide and then arrange for the service in such a way that your tension is also eased and your loved one too does not face any problems and recovers soon.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Home Nursing For The Heart Patients

A heart surgery is a major surgery. Even after you are discharged from the hospital, you'd require constant monitoring and medications. There may be complications back home, and therefore the patient should be and must be given care by a healthcare professional such as a trained nurse. This is where home nursing comes in!

A home nursing agency offers professional care to the patients at their homes. Herein, a trained nurse would help the patient recover fast and take care of his/her daily needs such as taking medications, walking around, food preparation, bathing, etc. The nurse would do the basic tests if required; and therefore you, as a carer, would not be required to take the patient to the hospital every now and then, barring the scheduled follow-ups with the heart surgeon.

A physician may also visit the patient at regular intervals to monitor the progress.

The family support can't be substituted by the home nursing care; however, it would surely allow the family to continue with their daily life commitments and attend the social gatherings without feeling guilty for not being around the patient.

Home nursing has proved immensely beneficial for the patients who can't move from their beds because of some critical illnesses or who have just returned from a major surgery and require expert care and monitoring.

Monday, 24 February 2014

A Doctor At Home Service Means a Lot!

You realize the importance of doctors when you can’t reach out to them or they can’t reach out to you. We may call them names, criticize them, but can we live without them? No, never!

There are transportation facilities, medical facilities etc. But what do you do when you just can’t take the patient to the hospital and get them treated?

Do you just suffer in silence? Or would you take some action?

A doctor at home is a service that is provided to those people or for those patients, who can’t visit the hospital due to physical or other reasons.

During this time having a doctor at your service will be the most helpful service that you’ll get. They come to your home and look after the patient with a lot of care and attention. Some doctors do not charge any additional fees and some do.

The service they give is very helpful and the treatment they give really helps the patients to recover in a faster period of time. They avoid the hassle of travelling to different wards in the hospital and getting unlimited tests done.

At home they receive total care and support.