Thursday, 24 April 2014

Home Nursing For The Heart Patients

A heart surgery is a major surgery. Even after you are discharged from the hospital, you'd require constant monitoring and medications. There may be complications back home, and therefore the patient should be and must be given care by a healthcare professional such as a trained nurse. This is where home nursing comes in!

A home nursing agency offers professional care to the patients at their homes. Herein, a trained nurse would help the patient recover fast and take care of his/her daily needs such as taking medications, walking around, food preparation, bathing, etc. The nurse would do the basic tests if required; and therefore you, as a carer, would not be required to take the patient to the hospital every now and then, barring the scheduled follow-ups with the heart surgeon.

A physician may also visit the patient at regular intervals to monitor the progress.

The family support can't be substituted by the home nursing care; however, it would surely allow the family to continue with their daily life commitments and attend the social gatherings without feeling guilty for not being around the patient.

Home nursing has proved immensely beneficial for the patients who can't move from their beds because of some critical illnesses or who have just returned from a major surgery and require expert care and monitoring.