Wednesday, 14 January 2015

3 Tips to Make the Elderly Comfortable & Safe in Winter

With the onset of winters, seniors living in every household throughout the nation suffer in many ways. Only someone with age-related ailments can fully realize the impact of low temperature on arthritic bones! Do you have anyone at home who could use some compassion and care this winter?

Cheering them up: The winter just does not make our bodies cold, the effect of dropping mercury gets to the heart of the aged. One way to cheer them up is by inviting their friends and acquaintances over for a while. Human companionship solves a lot of problems. When friends are not readily available, you can consider Home care for the elderly services in your area. They have nurses and attendants to keep your parents/grandparents cheerful and help them with daily activities.

Dressing them properly: The old are not too careful and with age they become all the less careful about their health. Advise them gently to wear appropriate clothes in winter to stay warm. Too much strictness in your voice can rub them the wrong way. Whatever you do, do not direct the old and aged in your home because they do not like to be told what to do. You can make gentle suggestions at best. If you think doing that constantly irrespective of their reactions, get someone professional to do the job. Home care for the elderly services employee and train nurses to handle the stress of being around old people and keep assisting them despite the nature of reaction they get out of their wards. Caring for the aged is a thankless job, so unless you are prepared to give your best in the face of angry rants and unreasonable responses, get someone ideal for the job - Home care for the elderly.

Driving them around: Once again the winter is not ideal to let your parents or grandparents walk out of house, much less let them drive because foggy conditions decrease visibility on roads considerably and letting an old person with failing eye-sight drive is the best you can do to put them at certain risk! Nothing better than assisting them on the driver’s seat, but since that is not practical for most of us, it is easier to hire a professional care taker or a professional chauffeur for the job.

Author Bio:  Home care for the elderly lets you overcome the challenges of being with an aged family member when you have a day job to attend to. Read more about professional care here.