Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Top Five Reasons Why Should Choose a Nurse over Nursing

Stubborn elderly people can be difficult to deal with, demanding, argumentative and hurtful. The best technique for dealing with stubborn elderly is to learn how to communicate with seniors effectively and try to understand the reasons behind the stubborn behaviour. But unfortunately, we do not have the time for all of that these days. Thanks to our jobs and are busy lives with her kids and families, taking care of elderly is simply not possible and often leads to frustration and anger. To tackle that, many of us prefer putting elderly under the care of a nursing home staff – which is not the best thing to do.

If you must place your elderly and the care of a professional staff, Susan nurse from a home nursing care centre in Delhi instead of a nursing home. Here’s why.

Huge bills: In home health aides and hired companions who do not provide healthcare are much less expensive compared to the cost will pay for putting someone under the care of a nursing home. Do the maths and you’ll see that for round-the-clock assistance, costs can go higher than you ever imagined. An ever-increasing number of seniors are opting for independent caregivers because of the cost savings. And if you manage to hire someone very professional and good at their job, you can be sure that your money won’t go to waste.

People are happier in their own homes: there are countless surveys that show that over 95% of people over 70 is preferred to stay in their own homes for as long as possible, surrounded by the people they know and doing things they have always done. Maintaining balance in their lifestyle is what seniors seek to achieve any won’t help them by putting them away in a nursing home.

Staying independent:The biggest difference between hiring a nurse and putting your parents in a nursing home is that with a nurse your parents will always be able to choose and do whatever they feel like.

They can choose whatever they feel like, in their own time, go for a walk, have lunch with friends, go to religious places of their choice and maintain their own lifestyle. Don’t you think this is what you want for your parents?